Useful Links

Galva/Unit oriented

- American Legion Post #45 page (departure ceremony images) - Earl Stuckey is hosting this on the Post site

- Galva Army Services Yahoo group - maintained by Jim Doherty, and its future companion site (currently under construction)

- Dixon National Guard Yahoo group - maintained by Mike Bowman

- SSG Jason De Smit's website "Tojac's Habitable Domicile" (and future home)

- Galva guestbook - Galva community discussion board, though unit news comes up once in awhile

Unit/Military/Iraq Specific

- If you are a family member of one of the troops being sent overseas or just want to help out, the state of Illinois has created Operation Home Front, which is a clearinghouse of information and resources available to those family members of service-men and -women who need help and support.

- William H. Boudreau maintains the Historian of the 1st Cavalry Division Association and maintains their Outpost site here. He was kind enough to insert some of the info I've placed here into the Division deployment overview and does so with my permission. Take a look around his site for info on the history of "America's First Team."

- Unit information: 1st Cavalry site and 4-5 ADA site

- 1st Cavalry Division newsletter

- From, I found a document called Iraq - A Geography, and another document named A Guide to Cultural Awareness in the Middle East

- BBC's Iraq country profile

- Taji/Camp Cooke: base info, blogs from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Amy Schlesing (and personal one), Brett's Blog, and Jeff Goes to Iraq.


Kewanee Star Courier
Galesburg Register-Mail
Peoria Journal Star

KWTX - Killeen, TX

Updated News and Info
KCEN TV 1st Cavalry News - Killeen, TX
Newsweek's War in Iraq section
BBC's After Saddam section