Foxtrot Battery from Activation to Service Overseas

It is my hope that I will be able to construct a history of events as they occured in regards to the unit's mobilization, training, and deployment and service in Operation Iraqi Freedom II. To make it clear, all errors are mine and the only assistance I have come from news reports and FRG documents. SSG Martin Gibson was as helpful as he could safely and legally be in providing access to missing FRG documents and it is appreciated.


July 26 Alerted by Army that unit may be activated for federal service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
September 26 Department of Defense approves call-up of 39th Enhanced Support Brigade, which includes Battery F 1/202 ADA
October 12 Official date of active duty mobilization
October 28 Advance team of 12 departs for Fort Hood, TX
November 1 Departure review of unit at Galva High School and Armory
November 2 Early morning departure for Fort Hood for remainder of unit
November/December Training at Fort Hood (urban warfare/peacekeeping)
December 20 - January 2, 2004 Unit given holiday leave and return home to Illinois


February 1 Transfer to Fort Polk, LA for continued training and Arab-immersion civil operations drills; some members sent seaborne transferring equipment to Kuwait
February 15 - 26 Mission Rehearsal Exercise (counter-insurgency, defense, MOUT)
February 17 Bush visit to Fort Polk; Galva Armed Services Yahoo group created by Jim Doherty
February 28 Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL) visits troops at Fort Polk; flag casing ceremony
February 28-29 Family visitation period at Fort Polk
Late February - Early March Advance team departs for Kuwait; assigned escort duty while awaiting rest of unit
March 5 Arrival of remainder of unit in Kuwait
Late March Unit moves into Iraq, stationed at Camp Victory North; operational area patrolling MSR Tampa and other convoy routes
April 7 Unit members injured while patrol attacked. SPC Jeremy Wrotny injured and flown to Germany for treatment. SPC William McDaniels and SGT John Arneson injured, treated, and returned to duty.
April 9 3rd Platoon combats looters; SPC Paul Calhoun receives minor injury, returned to duty
April 7 - 11 Battle of Holy Week; Foxtrot Battery named "Hero of the 1st Cavalry Division" for actions during combat, culminating in battle at Baghdad International Airport on 4/11; SPC Mark Bomleny injured 4/11, treated, and returned to duty
April 13 SSG David Jensen and SGT Bruce Hartman remove car bomb from convoy route on April 13 (later receive Army Commendation Medals)
May 21 SSG Larry Comer first unit member to return for 15-day leave
June 10 Grand opening of the Dahash Water Treatment Plant; which unit members help construct
Mid-August Roadside bomb injures SPC Jason Baldwin and SPC Richard Douglas
September 21 Four members injured in car bomb attack after unit moves and begins duty near center of Baghdad; PFC Dustin Hill seriously injured and medevaced out of theater; SSG Daniel Quimby, SSG David Jensen, and SPC Lucas Seimers also injured but eventually return to duty in short order. Other bombing incidents occur in same period, but no Foxtrot members are involved as casualties.
November 15 Unit transferred to Camp Taji
December 14 Eight unit members injured in car bomb attack when returning from patrol; SSG Troy Wolford and SSG Derrick Glisan among the wounded
December 24 Marcus Johnson wounded in car bomb attack; sent to Germany for treatment



By all means, please report any errors/omissions/clarifications to the email below. I want this to be as accurate as possible and I could use all the help I can get. Thanks.