Notes on the Website

Disclaimer and Clarification of Purpose

My policy on the Galva Guard page is to provide information related to Battery F 1/202 ADA and its members as they follow their orders to Iraq in support of Operation: Iraqi Freedom. I would much appreciate it if you have any information you deem relevant, including websites, newspaper articles, interviews, etc. to please pass that along. I will credit what I can on a first-received basis.

Concerning the rest of the site, I have some fairly defined political views. One of them is that our intervention in Iraq was preceeded by our current administration basically hoodwinking us into believing a worldview that does not exist. I am not a fan of said administration and will not pretend otherwise. Incidentally, my brother and his friends' and comrades' lives are on the line because of hasty decisions based on bad intel, and I feel it a discourtesy to use their loyal duty in such a way. That's just one man's opinion.

Hate mail will not change my mind. However, I appreciate and welcome all views and have maintained a fair amount of correspondence with people who have honest but respectful disagreements with me. I am not so busy expressing my views that I do not see there are more than one side to a story. Merely be aware that while I will continue to keep the Galva Guard page as free from debate as possible, I will not censor myself elsewhere. The only condition I have attempted to maintain is a mostly PG-13 level of posting on the main page and archives (and for all those unfinished pages too I suppose). If I do post a link to an objectionable article, I will definitely let you know. There is a lot that I do not cover simply because I feel there is enough garbage out on the 'net that I don't need to be adding to it.

I hope this explains where I am coming from, what I offer, and what you may come to expect. All questions and comments can be forwarded to the email below.

Personal Notes

As my brother, Tom Wallenfeldt, is a member of Battery F, 1/202 ADA, the majority of the news and stories here will relate to that unit. On occasion, I will cover other Illinois area units and regular units composed of Galva area soldiers, but do have a preference of following just Foxtrot Battery. This is not an exclusionary principle but a practical one. I truly wish I had the time to cover all bases. Jim Doherty, for example, covers his son Chris' unit (1/82nd FA) better than I can and does an admirable job at covering more ground than I can.