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Hosted content

We have, over the years, started some projects here and there and have hosted some pages for various reasons. Some have been class projects, some just useful tools and overall pages and such that never quite got completed. Yeah, that's usually my fault.

In any event, here is where you'll find the links to the various bits of work that is stored up on the domain. If you find it useful, let me know. If you want more or it, do the same. If you get bored and frustrated with the lack of info, well, you were warned.

  • Family
  • - Info about the Wallenfeldt family
  • John & Leslie
  • - Stuff about us
  • BrotherHood
  • - Our friends back in Illinois, and possibly some embarrasing stories
  • Wedding
  • - Pics and info about our wedding way back in 2000
  • EPSY5103 Project
  • - Leslie made a site for a class project. Here's the result.
  • Otherland
  • - This used to be my test bed for design. I really ought to do something with it finally.
  • Conversion Page
  • - Some quick unit conversion tools. Just like you could find anywhere else online.