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Jan Brewers Big Weekend | Nuestra Voice

While the State known as Arizona seethed and Latino parents fell on their knees with Rosaries in hand to pray for the future of their children Governor Jan Brewer went out for a tony dinner with gal pal and media made millionaire Sarah Palin.

All you need to know about the soulless Republicans ruining our nation can be addressed . After initiating second class citizenship for anyone brown-skinned in her state, the governor of Aryzona just had to run off to a ballgame with her race-baiting pal Sarah.

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Marc Ambinder seriously wants to know if conservatives have lost their minds.

Hang on a second. Here ya go.

The GOP is now making a historical reference to Guy Fawkes and themselves. A little more background here.

Let's put it this way. Guy Fawkes tried to kill the King of England and all of Parliament.

So, in short, the GOP wants to link themselves to a concept of, let's be honest, the equivalent of killing President Obama and blowing up the Capitol.

It's there in the historical record. The one they want to tie themselves to. They want to assassinate any member of our government they don't agree with.


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But we're supposed to believe that the Tea Bagging Terrorists are neither racist nor bigoted.


On a side note, what is it with disabled wingnuts being the worst? They collect disability but hate the government. They face discrimination in their lives but are among the most racist, sexist, and hateful folks. Not to generalize but of those who live in a world of seething hatred, the worst of that ilk seem to have a wheelchair.

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Want to know where the GOP stands on women working out of the home, much less trying to earn political office? Here is all you need.

No standard ads on policy issues, even blown out of proportion ones. None of the standard GOP "all Democrats are handing al-Qaeda the knife to shiv you with" BS. No, this guy went straight to the GOP platform with a "get your woman back in the kitchen" propaganda.

So compassionate.

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This is what modern Republicans believe:

* 67 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is a socialist.
* 57 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim
* 45 percent of Republicans agree with the Birthers in their belief that Obama was "not born in the United States and so is not eligible to be president"
* 38 percent of Republicans say that Obama is "doing many of the things that Hitler did"
* Scariest of all, 24 percent of Republicans say that Obama "may be the Antichrist."

It is, quite literally, impossible to reason with lunatics of this magnitude. Honest, decent Republicans have got to put a stop to these idiots taking over their party.

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That bastard Don McLeroy may have lost his seat on the Texas State School Board, but there are still plenty of Talibangelical jackasses who want to destroy our education system.

These are the pricks who honestly think that Joe McCarthy is some kind of American hero. No, seriously.

These people have literally got to be stopped. Not in a lethal sense, but their point of view, their derangement, their flawed thinking and beliefs. Their disease has got to stop being taken seriously.

Yes, it starts with an election, but this is one in Rethug-ruled Texas. Even a possibly moderate Republican is going to have Luddite and Talibangelical tendencies, if not Tea Bag Traitor ones come re-election time.

We need our children educated, not fed fairy tales and lies. We want them to open their minds and not close their hearts. That's what the Republicans want to give our people: hate, fear, ignorance. Never forget that.

Stay vigilant folks!

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