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Remember where you were, when you could still laugh about teabaggers and racists and Arizonans, because funny time is almost over. If the unemployment keeps up -- one in five adult white males has no job and will never have a job again -- and people keep walking away from their stucco heaps they can't afford and the states and cities and counties and towns keep passing their aggressive racist laws to rile up the trash even more, shit's going to very soon become very bad, and whether it's the National Guard having wars in the Sunbelt Exurbs against armies of crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns, or whole Latino neighborhoods burned to the ground the way the Klan used to burn down black neighborhoods a century ago, we are in for a long dark night and no light-colored paint is going to fix that.

Yes, the school has since backtracked this crazy BS decision, but the anger lingers. How dare these bastards lighten the skin of a mural of their own students?

I heard about this racist crap on the way home - and still in Aryzona. Here is the original news story.

This makes me absolutely livid. It is bad enough that in general Republicans, Tea Baggers, Klansmen and generic conservative racists hate people based on the color of their skin, or religion, or sexuality, or gender. It is worse that these cretins try to steal votes from folks they don't agree with or do a multiple of sins to diminish folks. Often they do this in the name of God, which should make for an interesting line-up at the afterlife but I want their evils punished in the hear and now. For Aryzona, they didn't need another black eye, but they earned it.

Look, racists shout ugly things. When the last two racists on Earth exist, they'll be white Americans riding together in a rusty El Camino yelling hateful crap drinking Mexican beer out of a 40 oz. and being completely unaware of the irony.

You do NOT kowtow to these bastards. And you certainly do NOT tell your minority kids that their color isn't good enough for a mural and try to literally whitewash their skin.

The racists are just idiots. The school administrators should have known better. Hell, all of Aryzona should know better.

Here's Roger Ebert explaining it better than I can.

Plus accompanying video:

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I know everyone wants to be in love with the Paul family. They put aside the racist history of Ron Paul, and now they're going to try to do the same with (Ayn) Rand Paul. I'm not saying the guy is racist necessarily. He very well might be and I guess he's free to be so. But the real point is that he thinks it's cool for private businessmen to be racist, just as long as they don't beat up anybody.

(To be fair, it goes beyond race. He's against any government intervention on anything. You know, except for the social welfare Medicare payments he gets from his patients.)

That, in essence, is what he said on last night's Rachel Maddow show.

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Here is some followup plus some earlier footage from his primary race where he espouses the same thing:

Plus, an interview on NPR where he keeps trying not to say what we know he's saying.

In short, he doesn't like the government telling people they can't discriminate on the basis or race, sex, gender, disability, etc. Basically, this Tea Party platform goes:

"You can be as racist as you want, as long as you don't leave any marks"

It's the domestic/child abuse philosophy of politics.

Ezra Klein has some more on this.

Basically, what you have is a honest and cruel form of Republicanism:

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But we're supposed to believe that the Tea Bagging Terrorists are neither racist nor bigoted.


On a side note, what is it with disabled wingnuts being the worst? They collect disability but hate the government. They face discrimination in their lives but are among the most racist, sexist, and hateful folks. Not to generalize but of those who live in a world of seething hatred, the worst of that ilk seem to have a wheelchair.

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The danger of validating violent racist traitors is that eventually they take over a part of our national discourse. This is the problem with the right wing these days. They have ceded their discourse to those who hate, fear, and would destroy all of us in the quest for some mythical America that never existed. And hell, given our history, forcing it to exist would destroy everything America is.

It isn't enough for moderates and liberals to try to fix this through laws, law enforcement, or just common decency. Conservatives need to clean up their damn mess. And quickly.

Here is the report if you are interested at all.

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On "Confederate Heritage Month" or whatever the hell the Virginia plan to honor treason, sedition, and racism is all about.

This is who they are--the proud and ignorant. If you believe that if we still had segregation we wouldn't "have had all these problems," this is the movement for you. If you believe that your president is a Muslim sleeper agent, this is the movement for you. If you honor a flag raised explicitly to destroy this country then this is the movement for you. If you flirt with secession, even now, then this movement is for you. If you are a "Real American" with no demonstrable interest in "Real America" then, by God, this movement of alchemists and creationists, of anti-science and hair tonic, is for you.
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The Palin Effect

Welcome to a country where conservative doctors refuse to treat folks who vote for Obama and others brag about firing employees who also voted for the President.

On the flip side, our bikers know exactly what this is all about: racism. More than that though, it's about who you are better than in your eyes. Read some plain and simple genius analysis of the traitorous racists screaming all over the airwaves.

And now the way the cards were dealt 18 months ago has upset a huge segment of the population. They no longer know who they are better than. They are lashing out. And there is fuck-all for a safety valve and it does run 24/7 in a perpetual echo chamber.

They say it is about "freedoms"...but they can point to no freedoms that have been lost over the last 14 months.

They say the Constitution is being destroyed, but when you ask them what parts of The General Welfare Clause or Congresses' power to regulate Interstate Commerce are being violated...they stand mute with rage

They say it is about taxes...but they can find no drastic tax increases in the last 14 months.

Come to think of it, I don't really remember anyone getting speared with an assegai thirty years ago either. But that didn't stop people screaming about the danger.

And they say they want their Country Back.

Well, Bing-fucking-O.

Now we have it. They want to return to a time and place where they at least knew who they were better than.

And the fact that most of this spittle is flying from the mouths of the poor, the semi-educated, the low information voter, and from By-God Dixie...well, that is only because it is your turn. A lot of the rest of the Country has already gone through this exercise 20-30 years ago. And the same spittle flew from the same confused lips when it was our turn.

So we don't look on Tea-hadists with scorn because they are alien and unfathomable. We do so because we recognize these very traits as ours and those of our neighbors."All in the Family" wasn't the most popular show in the Northeast because Archie Bunker was despised. It was popular because he was comfortably familiar. But at least he was a character. Nobody tried to run him for President.

And it ain't just President Obama. It is a lot else: If your job can be done on the Indian sub-continent, who are you better than? If China can launch a spaceship, who are you better than? If the world looks at the mighty Dollar as little better than an American Peso, who are you better than? If an immigrant can work your ass into the ground, and do it smiling for a lot less money, who are you better than?

A whole lot of life has been shaken and stirred the last couple of decades.

This whole Tea-Party nonsense will eventually pass. Because there is no "going back". OK, you can move to Idaho, or Montana, and it will feel like you have found what was missing. And you might even be happy. As long as you never watch the POTUS on the national news while you are trying to answer the question: "Who am I better than?"

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I honestly didn't listen to any of the coverage from the TraitorFest in Searchlight today.

But I did get two things out of the above article.

One, this quote from a Harry Reid supporter:

"You don't come to a man's house and start creating a ruckus."

Two, anytime you have to remind your audience that "I know you're not a racist group," then the group you're with is probably racist. These things usually go without saying.

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