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Only the source is surprising. Here is a Forbes article pointing out that the Tea Bagging Treason crowd doesn't have a clue about how taxes work in this country.

I mean, when freaking Forbes is calling you out as dangerous, misinformed dolts, you pretty much are. These guys, while doctrinally fair, aren't ever getting confused as liberals.

If you are anti-tax, have your facts dead wrong, and are getting mocked by conservative economists, you can take it to the bank that, yes, you're a moron.

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Waterloo | FrumForum

David Frum is a diehard conservative. He uses their talking points, their stupid names for honest legislation, and I probably would check outside before believing his assertions that the sky was blue.

But he isn't an idiot. Misguided, but not a fool.

So, when he reads the tea leaves over the end of the health care bill, it may behoove other conservatives to pay attention when he pronounces doom and gloom for the GOP.

For once, I hope he's right.

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