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Just how angry are people at BP?

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This BBC article answers: probably not enough.

That said, if I see that smug Tony Hayward anywhere near me, I'm kicking him in the junk.

I like all this grandstanding about not "punishing" gas station owners who happen to sell BP. Hell, they had a choice which vendor to go with. Sometimes you bet and lose.

Bob Cesca has done a lot of coverage on this. Apparently the GOP, particularly Mississippi's Haley Barbour is in total denial that an oil spill actually exists. Typical Republicans.

Honestly, I kinda hope the South suffers for sucking up to Big Oil for decades. Not so much the individual families, but each and every state that kowtows to these bastards just lose billions in tourism. Think I'm being overly cruel? Governor Piyush Jindal wants MORE offshore drilling as Louisiana is losing clean coastline by the minute.

Maybe he wants more of this?

It gets worse.

Check this out and/or watch the following:

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