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Remember where you were, when you could still laugh about teabaggers and racists and Arizonans, because funny time is almost over. If the unemployment keeps up -- one in five adult white males has no job and will never have a job again -- and people keep walking away from their stucco heaps they can't afford and the states and cities and counties and towns keep passing their aggressive racist laws to rile up the trash even more, shit's going to very soon become very bad, and whether it's the National Guard having wars in the Sunbelt Exurbs against armies of crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns, or whole Latino neighborhoods burned to the ground the way the Klan used to burn down black neighborhoods a century ago, we are in for a long dark night and no light-colored paint is going to fix that.

Yes, the school has since backtracked this crazy BS decision, but the anger lingers. How dare these bastards lighten the skin of a mural of their own students?

I heard about this racist crap on the way home - and still in Aryzona. Here is the original news story.

This makes me absolutely livid. It is bad enough that in general Republicans, Tea Baggers, Klansmen and generic conservative racists hate people based on the color of their skin, or religion, or sexuality, or gender. It is worse that these cretins try to steal votes from folks they don't agree with or do a multiple of sins to diminish folks. Often they do this in the name of God, which should make for an interesting line-up at the afterlife but I want their evils punished in the hear and now. For Aryzona, they didn't need another black eye, but they earned it.

Look, racists shout ugly things. When the last two racists on Earth exist, they'll be white Americans riding together in a rusty El Camino yelling hateful crap drinking Mexican beer out of a 40 oz. and being completely unaware of the irony.

You do NOT kowtow to these bastards. And you certainly do NOT tell your minority kids that their color isn't good enough for a mural and try to literally whitewash their skin.

The racists are just idiots. The school administrators should have known better. Hell, all of Aryzona should know better.

Here's Roger Ebert explaining it better than I can.

Plus accompanying video:

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While the State known as Arizona seethed and Latino parents fell on their knees with Rosaries in hand to pray for the future of their children Governor Jan Brewer went out for a tony dinner with gal pal and media made millionaire Sarah Palin.

All you need to know about the soulless Republicans ruining our nation can be addressed . After initiating second class citizenship for anyone brown-skinned in her state, the governor of Aryzona just had to run off to a ballgame with her race-baiting pal Sarah.

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